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Reasons for Selection

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We value prioritizing what is right and wrong rather than profit and loss, keep our promise with each customer, constantly strive for improvement and advancement, and ensure trust and deliver satisfaction through commitment and reliable manufacturing.

Maintenance and service technology that you can entrust to us with complete confidence

KBK Engineering was spun off from Kurashiki Boring Kiko as an independent company specializing in maintenance and service for high-speed rotating machines. Conventionally, maintenance and service for machines relied on an engineer’s intuition and experience, but nowadays, maintenance and service based on mechanical engineering and material engineering is required. In the maintenance and service industry, handing down of technology and technical strengths is of critical importance, and we, with our core of young engineers, are committed to ensuring our many customers are satisfied through maintenance and service supported by our reliable technology.

Reasons for Selection:Technical Strengths

Technical strength

Older machines that have been used for many years may not have data such as drawings available, but KBK Engineering uses reverse engineering to fabricate hard-to-procure parts. By setting materials and appropriate dimensional tolerances, and making full use of changes in materials and various surface treatment types and heat treatment, the life-spans of existing parts can be extended. Where, for example, consumable parts are not available, we offer cost advantages over the long-term by making modifications to fit existing parts.

Reasons for Selection:Proven Record of Performance

Proven results

We offer our customers the very best in service and solutions to problems with our reliable technical strengths backed by a long record of performance in maintenance and service and manufacturer-certified. Requests for maintenance and service from many users and manufacturers over many years are the embodiment of our technical strengths and advanced expertise.

Reasons for Selection:Stringent Controls

Under stringent control

Since July 2009, when we received ISO9001:2008 certification, the international standard for quality management systems, our quality management systems have been reviewed and ISO9001:2015 certified. In every case, our work proceeds based on ISO operation flow charts, and the maintenance and service history of each customer is recorded and information including respective dimensional records and photographs, as well as reports, is carefully preserved for future access. We take on the role of machine manager in support of our customers.

Reasons for Selection:Flexible Response

Flexible response

We provide one-stop response and support from transportation, overhaul and maintenance, fabrication of parts, repairs, dynamic balance corrections, test runs, to delivery. Through our established network, we perform repairs, fabrications and modifications, aiming at realizing delivery schedules in line with customer requirements. For thermal spray repairs, in particular, including before and after machining, we offer an integrated service with our partner company, Kurashiki Boring Kiko, to provide high-quality repairs suitable for every usage condition.

Reasons for Selection:Personnel Training

Personnel training

In maintenance and service of machines, maintenance and service based on mechanical engineering and material engineering is required, and transferring technology and technical strengths is of critical importance. By holding regular study sessions with specialized instructors and experts, our core of young engineers actively absorb knowledge and skills in order to perform maintenance and service backed by our reliable technical strengths and technology.