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Frequently asked questions and answers

About Our Company

Q1What are some of the features that KBK Engineering offers?
We provide maintenance and service for high-speed rotating machines, especially for decanter centrifuges. Our group company offers advantages through integrated maintenance and service when it comes to handling all necessary repairs, such as hard-facing and thermal spray.
Q2What kind of a partner company is Kurashiki Boring Kiko?
Our partner company has a 60-year history and is equipped with machining facilities required for repairs of rotating machines, such as pretreatment, thermal spray, and finishing processing. For details, see here.
Q3What kind of information is needed to request an estimate?
Please provide us with assembly drawing(s), machine conditions, past repair status, operating conditions, delivery time, etc., to the extent possible.
Q4Do you support overseas-made machines?
We offer a proven record of performance in maintenance and service for overseas-made decanter centrifuges, speed reducers, roots blowers, etc. Even if you are an overseas customer, please feel free to contact us.
Q5What kind of delivery method do you use?
In nearby prefectures, our person(s) in charge will ensure delivery. For long distances, we will ensure delivery by express transport service.
Q6What is the difference from manufacturer maintenance and service?
In many instances, when a machine seizes up it is because a component part or parts are damaged. We have the know-how to repair component parts and have an established network for fabrication of component parts, so that short delivery times and low-cost repairs can be guaranteed.
Q7What if the manufacturer of an older machine is no longer in business?
We can provide maintenance and service even for older machines where drawings are no longer available. New parts can be fabricated from existing parts by reverse engineering and restored to their original state.
Q8Can you handle maintenance and service over long distances?
We can handle maintenance and service from anywhere in the world as long as we have access to communication by phone, fax, e-mail, etc.
Q9Can consultations be held about maintenance and service costs and specifications?
Details of repairs can be discussed and adjusted according to the customer’s purpose for maintenance and service and budget.
Q10What is your company’s policy concerning customer information and drawings?
We recognize and understand that machines used for operation and raw materials processed are each customer’s confidential information and proprietary assets.