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Slide Gate Valve manufacturing

Reduces fluid leakage from pipework

Slide gate with a simple yet ingenious structure that can be installed in any direction and in any direction while preventing liquid leakage from the pipework and minimising blockages. It contributes to stable operations by cutting off foreign objects as they pass through and keeping deposits to a minimum. The production of this product was requested to update existing equipment.

Assembly has been completed and the painting area is now in place. It will now be painted nicely.
The red paint is rust-preventive paint. We painted silver over it.
The slide gate has been taken back to the factory. It will now be left for a few days for the paint to dry, then boxed up and shipped out.
It rusts, so we apply anti-corrosion oil and cover it with plastic wrap. Carefully boxed and shipped to avoid breakage before arrival on site
It is the moment of shipping out. It doesn’t weigh much, but because it is so long horizontally, it was difficult to get the centre of gravity in the position of the platter’s claw. May it reach the site safely.