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1 m in diameter! Repair of giant ball valve

Repair of ball sliding damage

Repair of a huge ball valve used for sealing liquids. The manufacturer is no longer in business and the valve has been used until today without ever being repaired. The sliding scratches on the ball are repaired so that it can be used again.

We came to pick up the ball. It is so huge that you can see its size just by putting it on the back of the truck
The product was brought into the factory. Sliding scratches were made on the part that contacts with the seat surface, so we will start repairing them

Start of ball repair work

The existing plating layer is removed in preparation for the next stage of weld overlay.Wear area weld overlay completed
Repairing the worn parts by welding overlay on the seat surface.
Machining of the ball is completed
Machining of the ball has been completed. The part of the sliding surface that has been plated is now clean and will be plated again.
The machining has been completed and the ball is being fed into the plating layer.

Ball repair completed

The state of the ball after plating is completed. It now looks like a mirror. The sliding surfaces have been restored to their original state, and the finished state is expected to reduce the adhesion of foreign matter and improve wear resistance.

Comparison before and after repair

We can also handle repairs that are difficult to process, cases where it is not clear how to repair, or repairs to large parts. There are many factors to consider, such as the intended use of the machine, the properties of the material to be treated, the surrounding environment, frequency of use and safety… etc. We carry out repairs, repairs and maintenance that are most appropriate at the time.

State before repair
State after repair