The largest Roots blower maintenance in the country - KBK Engineering


The largest Roots blower maintenance in the country

KBK Engineering has serviced roots blowers of various sizes, ranging from desk-top machines to the largest in Japan at over 10 tonnes. Through our accumulated experience, we have built up an environment in which you can entrust us with a complete machine, including arranging the transport of large roots blowers, receiving, maintenance, parts procurement and repair of shafts and cases.

Acceptance of large machines weighing over 10 tonnes

1Receiving a roots blower weighing nearly 10 tonnes. Larger models are nearly 2 m high
It has just entered the factory. Several type of these machines will be serviced at the same time in this maitenance .

Disassembly is being carried out.

The case is being removed from the side with the electric motor
Impeller pulled out of the main body case

Components requiring repair

国内最大級ルーツブロワ整備 分解3
The impeller was pulled out and found to be corroded and will need care. The mating parts also needed repair
国内最大級ルーツブロワ整備 修理2
After repairing the impeller mating parts, the impeller is placed on a lathe and the mating parts are repaired. One set of repairs can be carried out by an associated company
国内最大級ルーツブロワ整備 修理3
The bearing case, where the bearing outer race goes in, also needed repair because of its poor surface condition
国内最大級ルーツブロワ整備 修理4
Bearing case repaired and machined

Assembly process

国内最大級ルーツブロワ整備 組み立て3
The mating parts are also checked for dimension and surface condition before being used for assembly
国内最大級ルーツブロワ整備 組み立て1
Parts that have been inspected after repair and meet the standards are assembled in sequence

Assembly is completed and shipped out

国内最大級ルーツブロワ整備 出荷1
Once assembled, they are painted for touch-up and await shipment
国内最大級ルーツブロワ整備 出荷2
The truck is loaded onto a truck. They are transported as they are and installed at the plant

We have experience in servicing large roots blowers

We have experience in servicing large roots blowers
We have built a system that allows us to take care of even 10-ton class roots blowers, from receiving the cargo, disassembling, repairing parts that can be done by our affiliated companies, assembling, adjusting and shipping the entire machine. Our experience in servicing even large machines has been passed on through a process of trial and error, including the study of jigs and procedures, and is utilised as an accumulation of the necessary servicing technology.