Annual calibration - 3D measuring instruments - KBK Engineering


Annual calibration – 3D measuring instruments

At KBK Engineering, measuring instruments are requested to be calibrated on an annual basis to ensure that machines and parts are measured with reliable values. The time has come for the annual calibration of the Mitutoyo BH-V504 3D measuring machine at the Higashizuka factory.

2 days of thorough calibration

The 3D measuring machine is suddenly taken up to the surface plate and disassembled. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the calibration process.

The attached PC on the right side, Windows sometimes did not start up, so we opened the contents and fixed it. We were told that if it didn’t work, the whole unit would have to be disposed of, so we fixed it.

The contents of the PC were opened and examined, and parts that could be made up-to-date were replaced.
Entering the BIOS and switching HDDs – we added another HDD in case one of the HDDs broke. Imaging is also completed
After calibration. Now you can trust the measured values for the next year

Maintenance with reliable measurement values

The measuring instruments used affect not only the reliability of repair parts and maintenance and the performance of the assembled machine, but also the repair costs, for example by avoiding unnecessary repairs.