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Reduction gear maintenance – Worm

We receive requests for modifications and repairs for the maintenance of worm reduction gears, which have many features, such as obtaining large reduction ratios and withstanding high loads. We perform thermal spraying of mating parts and the best possible repairs, taking into consideration the application, delivery date, and cost, which are performed with Kurashiki Boring Machine Works.

Worm reduction gear disassembly

Worm reduction gears brought in
There were reports of water intrusion, but no obvious internal corrosion
Checking the worm shaft, there is a trace of corrosion on the tooth surface
After removing all the components, we checked the oil and found that it appeared to have been contaminated with water

Inspection and repair of components

The input shaft was inspected and found to have dents, which must be repaired
The material was selected in consideration of maintenance frequency, operating environment, and water intrusion, and sprayed at Kurashiki Boring
The output shaft was also inspected. Oil seal marks and rust were observed and must be repaired. The heavily corroded area was at the bottom, and we estimated that water intrusion was a certainty
The same study as for the input shaft was conducted, materials were selected, and a thermal spraying repair was performed. Corrosion was also cleaned up during the process.
The outer ring mating part of the case is also in need of repair
Even if the mating surface of the case is split in two, it can be repaired cleanly as shown in the photo

There are a wide variety of factors that determine the repair, including the environment of use, the condition of the machine and parts brought in, cost, and delivery time. In this case, the materials were examined in consideration of measures against corrosion caused by water intrusion and the maintenance period until the next repair. Even special materials that are not normally used are actively selected to repair parts that suit the user

Worm reduction gear assembly

Repaired parts are brought together and assembled after ensuring that the elements to be measured are held in place
We also took measures to prevent water intrusion, and selected and improved parts to prevent the same defects from occurring

Dealing with Defects

With the basic premise that the delivered machine will work as it should, various items such as materials, structure and mechanism are examined for defects in the use of the machine. The duration of use, frequency of maintenance, importance and cost of the machine are naturally considered as factors, and repair methods are determined based on mechanical engineering, material engineering, as well as the physical properties of the processed materials used. In this case, the main focus was on countermeasures against water intrusion, and parts were selected and repaired.