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Maintenance of vibration-producing exciters

In order to ensure that the bearings and other components that make up rotating machinery can be used for a long time, it is common practice to reduce the vibrations generated by the rotary motion. Dynamic balance correction in the maintenance process maintains stable operation over a long period of time. However, some machines, known as vibratory machines, deliberately cause vibrations to carry products, and the maintenance of these machines will be introduced in this article.

Disassembling and inspecting a vibratory machine

Shaker to be disassembled
At first glance, the machine looks clean. There are no signs of oil turbidity or water contamination

No abnormalities were found when the lid was opened. Further dismantling of individual parts.

黒く見えているのThe black parts are worn bearings that have turned to powder
The outer ring mating of the case is also burnt, but not so badly worn.
Condition of the shaker shaft
Inspection showed corrosion and dimensional defects at the end of the shaft. Repairs were deemed necessary here
The inner diameter of the unbalance weight was also inspected. The weights cause the entire machine to vibrate, and the load causes crevice corrosion

Repairing defective part

Repair methods were considered based on a comprehensive assessment of the characteristics of the machine intended to cause vibration and the loading conditions of the mating parts obtained from the inspection of the parts. Repair by plating and repair by weld overlay were considered to be the most effective and repairs were carried out on the respective parts.

The shining parts are the repaired parts. The extent of the repair was determined by taking into account the characteristics of the component.
Repairs were carried out by selecting repair methods that are less frequently used from the parts that are subject to load.

Assembly after repair

Gears are fitted and fixed
The gears have been fixed and will now be placed in the case
The shaker is now in the case. After applying liquid packing to the mating surfaces, the lid is fitted
The lid has been fitted and the upper parts are now in place
The pulleys have just been fitted and painted before maintenance is completed

Appropriate repairs are also carried out on special-purpose machines
Normally, the aim is to achieve long-term stable operation by suppressing vibrations, but this time we have introduced the maintenance of machines that intentionally cause vibrations. By carrying out repairs to fitted parts that take their characteristics into account, stable operation can be achieved even for machines that constantly generate vibrations.